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You won't give the guard water. Go to the mansion in celadon city and talk to the lady that is sitting in the room. She will give you a TEA which you will give to the guard.

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Q: How do you give guard water in Pokemon leaf green?
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How do you get the tea in Pokemon Yellow?

Buy fresh water and give it to the guard

How do you give the guard in the guard house a drink in Pokemon leaf green?

go to the house with the old lady and talk to her and you will get a cup of tea then talk to the guard

How do you give water to the guard in Pokemon Red?

If your playing the original red version you need to just hand the water to the guard, if your playing firered you need to get Tea from an old lady in the celadon mansion and give that to the guard.

How do you turn evee into Vaporeon in Pokemon Green leaf version?

give it the water stone.

Where is the water for the guard on guard duty firered?

its not water its tea go to celsdon city and to the left of the Pokemon center there should be a biulding a old lady willbe there talk to her and she will give u the tea then take in to the gard then they all will be open

How do you get to saffaron city Pokemon FireRed?

There are two ways to get to Saffron City. One way is to have 2 Fire Red/Leaf Green, but 1 of them have to be able to buy fresh water. You trade over the fresh water to the other Fire Red/Leaf Green and give the fresh water to the guard. Give it to any guard. Another way is to Get to Lavender Town, located east of Saffron City, then take the underground route to Celadon. (You have to go through Rock Tunnel to get to Lavender Town) When you get to Celadon City, go past the 3 little houses beside the Pokemon Center, and into the big hotel, the sign will say "Celadon Mansion". Go into the mansion and talk to the old lady in the 1st floor, she will be next to a Meowth. She'll give you "tea" and give the tea to the guard. Then they'll allow you to get to Saffron City.

How do you give fresh water to the guard in Canalave city?

you don't, you have to give him lemonade then you'll be all set

How do you get passed the guard on Pokemon Yellow?

Give the guard a drink of water. You can get one from the vending machine in the Pokemon Mart in Celadon City. The vending machine is on the top floor. Once you buy one from it, walk past him and he'll ask you if he can have your drink. Say yes and you will be able to pass.

Where do you get water to get past thirsty guard in Pokemon fire red?

At the top of Celdon city , well there is a building there and right at the last floor you can go to some vending machines and buy water and give it to them

How do you pass the closed road in Pokemon leaf green?

What exactly are you talking about? If it's to get into Saffron City, then a person in Celadon will give you the 'tea' item and you take it to the guard in the guardhouse blocking Saffron City.

How do you give lemonade to guard in guard house in Pokemon fire red?

Celadon Pokemart -> 5th floor -> rooftop -> vending machines

How do you get the guard a drink in Pokemon FireRed?

go to the Celadon Mansion and talk to the old lady. she'll give you tea. give this to a thirst guard and he'll share with the others. no prob!