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What exactly are you talking about? If it's to get into Saffron City, then a person in Celadon will give you the 'tea' item and you take it to the guard in the guardhouse blocking Saffron City.

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Q: How do you pass the closed road in Pokemon leaf green?
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How do you get to 4 island in Pokemon fire red and leaf green?

you have to get the rainbow pass I think.

Ho to get msytic pass on Pokemon leaf green?

stupid question, Nintendo event!

How do you get pass MT Moon in Pokemon leaf green?

What do you do after you beat the Pokemon league in Pokemon leaf green?

You get the Rainbow Pass from Bill in order to have access to the other four islands in the sevii islands.

How do you use the tri-pass in Pokemon leaf green?

Simply show it to the sailor who took you onto the SS Anne.

You don't want to know how to get in but you want to know how you get pass all the moving things on the floor in Pokemon Leaf Green?

Specify which place?

Can you get the tri-pass in Pokemon HeartGold?

i mean i was really think if it is exis in pokemon hg and ss

How do you by pass the warehouse in Pokemon FireRed?

If you want to be able to trade with Games outside of Leaf Green/Fire Red you won't bypass the warehouse.

What are all the johto Pokemon that you are able to catch in leaf green without the mystic pass just so you are not continuously searching for Pokemon having already caught them all?

The johto Pokemon are on the sevi islands.

I did this thing and it said three chambers have opened in Pokemon leaf green?

If you have the Mirage pass you can go and get Deoxys and Jirachi. To get the mirage pass you need to go to a Wonder Spot. No need to thank me [:-)

How do you get pass the gate in the third gym in leaf green version Pokemon?

i wish i could help i forgot lets see which one was it....... i cant remember

On Pokemon leaf green i have 74 Pokemon and why won't he give me the rainbow pass?

you first have to give him the ruby stone that you find north of Island 1 then he'll hand over the rainbow get rainbow pass, beat the elite four and get the ruby to celio.