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You can't

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Q: How do you give a pet to a friend on sims 3 pets?
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What is better the sims pets stories or the sims 2 pet stories?

There is no such thing as The Sims 2: Pet Stories. There is The Sims Pet Stories which is a game by itself and then there's The Sims: Pets which is an expansion for The Sims to give the game the ability to create pets. If you want the pet expansion for The Sims 2 it's called Unleashed.

How do you give away your pets on sims 3 pets?

you cant give your pet a way but you can sell or put pet up for adoption

Are you the pet at the Sims 3 pets?

U can be the pet and the sims, U can control the pets and the sims in sims 3 pets

Sims pet 2 how will you pets get sick?

your pets will not get sick on the sims 2 pets :)

How can you get a parrot as a pet in the sims 2 pets for ps2?

you cannot have a parrot as a pet in sims 2 pets for ps2

How do you have a pet on The Sims 2?

You have to have Sims 2 Pets.

How do you adopt a pet in My Sims?

You can`t get pets in My Sims

On sims 2 pets for ds how do you give your pet a name?

Unfortunately, you can't give the pet a name. All the pets (even the ones in your apartment) already have names and you cant change them. :(

Can you have a pet owl on The Sims Pets?


How do you cure smelly animals on the sims apartment pets game?

Just give your pets a bath! Click on the bathtub with your sim and select to give a bath to your pet.

How do you get a pet on sims 3 the town stuff?

You cannot get a pet on The Sims 3 Town Life. You can only get a pet on The Sims 3 Pets.

Can you play as pets on Sims 2 Pets for ps2?

You can play with a pet but you can't be a pet, Intersting why!