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You need to speak to Jossik( the guy from the quest Horror from the deep) who is in the lighthouse 1st floor. Speak to him and you'll get option did you find my prayer book and he'll give it to you saying he found it.

Easiest way to get there: Teleport to Barbarian outpost using Game Necklace. Head north and go across stepping stone and you should see lighthouse.

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Q: How do you get your prayer book back on RuneScape?
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What can you hold in your left hand in runescape?

A shield or a prayer book. sheild, book and 2h sword

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Simply pray at another altar. You will be asked if you either want to change prayer lists, or just want to recharge your prayer level. For a guide on how to increase your prayer level:

Is the book of common prayer a prayer book?

Yes, the book of common prayer is a prayer book.

How do you bless unblessed symbols in RuneScape?

Unblessed symbols can be blessed by taking them to Brother Jered, who is on the second floor of the Monastery (level 31 prayer required) or by using the complete Book of Balance or Holy Book on it (level 50 prayer required).

How much bones on runescape will you need from 14 prayer to 43 prayer?

Roughly about 300,000.

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It depends on how high your prayer level is.

On Runescape what protects you from magic?

There is something called a "Protect from Magic" Prayer. But you need a prayer level of 37.

How much does 99 prayer points cost in runescape?


In runescape what level would you be with 43 prayer and 99 range?

A pure

How do you get 70 attack in RuneScape?

Bandits in the Bandit Camp in the Desert are great to train on as long as you have 43+ prayer and prayer potions.

When was Book of Common Prayer created?

Book of Common Prayer was created in 1552.

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A Book of Common Prayer was created in 1977.