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Sorry, but only on certain games can you play music while playing a game.

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Q: How do you get your music to play during games on the PS3?
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Can you play music and play games on the ps3?

can you play games and music on the PS3 with out pulling plugs

What games can you play music while playing on the ps3?

Some Games not All

Can you play ps2 games on the PS3?

No you can not play the PS2 games on the new PS3 and you can not play the PS3 games on the PS2

Can a ps3 play CD ROM games?

A PS3 can play PS3 games and some Playstation games

Does PS3 play songs?

The PS3 will play music CDs and other songs that have been downloaded into the Music section of the PS3

Can you play PS3 games on PS3 slim?

All PS3 models can play PS3 games and also select PS1 games

Why can't I play my own music while playing PS3 games?

It was designed to have the games sound and music and to use the files to play the game. Although you can use a PS3 to play music you can not use the PS3 to do two things and the game would have to be developed that allowed storage and retrieval for your own music. It's more likely they would only allow playimg of the music they sold you

Can xboxgames play in PS3?

a PS3 can Play PS3 Games

Can you play PS3 games on PSP?

No the PSP will not play PS3 games

Play multiplayer PSP games on PS3 with PS3 controller?

The PS3 can connect with the PSP, but does not play their games

Can the 80gb PS3 play ps2 games?

PS3 can play PS2 games.

Can you play PS3 games in the PS2?

The PS2 can never play PS3 games