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depending on your level, there are some crafting flaws, you will lose money, if you are a low crafting level, try flax

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Q: How do you get your crafting up on runescape?
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How do you get into the crafting guild in runescape?

You must at least have 40 crafting level to enter.

What crafting level do you have to be to get into the crafting guild in runescape?

you need level 41 crafting you need level 41 crafting you need level 41 crafting

How do you train crafting in runescape?

Make things.

What do you get for making leather in RuneScape?

You get crafting experience.

What are runescape watercrafting gloves for?

Crafting Water Runes.

RuneScape how do you upgrade a crafting table?

if your talking about construction delite the table and rebuild it as a upgraded crafting table

What can you mine in the crafting guild in RuneScape?

Gold, silver and clay.

What is the best way to get Crafting Exp in RuneScape?

Craft things....

Can you use a crafting potion to make a lyre on Runescape?

Yes, you may use a crafting potion to create the lyre, this potion raises your crafting by three levels.

Where is the crafting store in runescape?

There are crafting stores all over, mostly in cities. Look at the world map to find some.

Why doesn't the crafting assist work in runescape?

It does, but only certain things.

Where are crafting stores on RuneScape?

There's one in Al Kharid and in Rimmington.