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Well it depends on the Pokemon if its water try the water stone. If its fire try the fire stone. if its grass try the leaf stone.If its electric like Pikachu use a thunder stone.Or just do it the old fashion way train and level up

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Q: How do you get your Pokémon to evolve quicker in Pokémon?
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When does Haunter evolve in Pokmon Gold?

haunter has to be traded to evlove haunter evolve into gengar in level 42

How do you get glalie in pokmon sapphire?

Evolve Snorunt. Snorunt can be found in Shoal Cave Ice Room

What is the water stone for?

The water stone is for evolving water Pokemon .If you are a real trainer you will let your Pokmon evolve by level.Only if your Pokemon is a water type and doesn't evolve by trading you could evolve it with a water stone. All stones have the same information by their own type.

Pokmon emarld cheats?


Can you get a legendary Pokmon in Pokmon arcoiris?

Sadly, no. The creators of the game forgot to add in the Pokedex, so trading is impossible without GameShark. :(

How do you get Arceus in pokmon?

use action replay

What pokemon evolve using a leaf stone in pokmon pearl?

the Pokemon that evolve with leaf stone are: -gloom into vileplume -weepinbell into victreebel -exeggcute into exegutor -nuzleaf into shiftry I hope this helps i did it out of a completed pokedex. thanks a million :) Approved by KS

Is there a quicker way to evolve a staravia?

No, unfortunatly, unless you have alot of (I mean ALOT.) of Rare Candies.

Can a Pokemon with high friendship evolve quicker?

Well yes pichu can and other type of Pokemon

How do you get shiny Pokemon on Pokmon Gold?

dfg tyhgtg

Where can you download pokmon FireRed?

You can download it at 4 SHARED.

How do you get vulpix in pokmon sapphire?

at mt. pyre