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Place theme.p3t (or .ptf) file in X:/PSP/THEME/ folder and select theme from XMB->Settings->Themes

X is your psp USB or PSP media card

Or Download Only theme file directly from your PSP internet browser.

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Q: How do you get your PSP themes to your memory stick?
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I just formatted my memory stick . and now i doesn't have a psp folder in it for me to put themes in?

you have to make another themes folder.

Which folder do you put the psp themes?

You make a new you open up the psp (by USB or memory stick) and you go to the folder "PSP" and then make a new folder in there called "THEMES" in caps. Yes but then how do you change your theme?

Can a psp memory stick fit into a dsi sd slot?

NO, a PSP's memory stick is a memory stick pro duo. A dsi's is a sanDisk

How do you transfer one PSP game from a PSP to another PSP?

You can copy games from one PSP memory stick to computer and then copy to another PSP's memory stick. Make sure you put the game on the folder 'GAME' on the memory stick.

Does PSP memory stick go the PSP go?

yes they both use the same memory stick

Does a new boxed PSP comes with a memory stick?

some psp 300 cores come with a memory stick

How can you find your PSP memory stick?

at the side of the psp

How do you get wallpapers onto PSP?

first of all you have to have : a memory stick, a camera, a computer (LABTOP, PC, etc.) and a PSP First you need to take a picture with your camera... Second you have to make sure it is saved and what you want it to be... Third you get your psp... Fourth stick the memory stick into your PSP... fifth go to Pictures on your PSP... Sixth go to Memory Stick and find the pic... Seventh just click triangle... Eighth just set it as your wallpaper! EASY!

Does the psp have its own memory or do you need a memory stick?

u need a memory stick

What is the root of the memory stick on the PSP?

To acess the root of your memory stick you must connect your PSP with a USB cable. The fldr that has PSP and MS_ROOT is the root of your memory stick. Sooo... if you wanna save anything to the root of your memory stick...SAVE IT HERE ;) It's the folder that pops up when you plug in your PSP.

Where is the root of the memory stick on PSP?

the root is at the side of the psp

Is the memory of the slim PSP and the fat PSP the same?

it depends on your memory stick i have a 2gb. i dont think the psp has internal memory. UNLESS THE PSP GO. that has internal memory