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I think you need to activate the cheat,Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true by pressing controll shift c and enter it in the box that apeares.Then,shift click on the sim,click on spawn, and then tombstone of l and d (life and death).Click on get pregnent with...and choose a sim's name.This might not work.So,sorry if it doesn't.If this doesn't work ask me another way to do this and I might tell you when I visit this website.Have fun simmin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: How do you get you sim teenager to have a baby?
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What is the cheat code for teen pregnancy on the sims 3?

There is no cheat in Sims 3 to get your teen pregnant but if you enter the cheat in testingcheatsenabled true you can right click on your sim and then you click trigger age transition and then get your sims pregnant once your sim has delivered the baby right click on your sim again and click edit my sim and then you can make it a teenager again and your sim will still have the baby and that is how you can have a baby when you are a teenager

Can you speed up the process of your baby sim growing from toddler to the next stage?

Yes, type in '' boolProp testingcheatsenabled true '' without quotations, then hold down shift and click on the baby sim, choose '' make selectable '', you will notice your baby sim will be removed from the list of sims on the lot, hold down shift again and click on the baby sim, choose '' make selectable '', then the baby sim will appear again of sims on the lot. Hold down the shift button, click on the baby sim and choose set to birthday. If you baby sim is in a crib, make an adult or teenager pick the baby sim up then wait and your baby sim will grow up.

How long does sim 3 baby tack to grow in to a teenager on iPod?

it wont, unfortunately, it'll stay a toddler forever :(

How long will it take for male sim to have a baby after being abducted?

It takes 3 days; same as a female sim. When the baby is born it will be a greenish-blue color with big almond-shaped black eyes. It will act like a normal Sim baby, toddler, kid, teenager, adult and elder. The only thing different about it would be the way it looks.

Can your sim drive a car in Sims 3?

Yes your sim can as well as your teenager.

How can you get your teenager pregnant in the SIMS 3?

You can attempt to make a female sim pregnant by having two sims (one male and one female) relaxing on the bed and then selecting "Try for Baby." If successful, you should hear a tone after they are done making woohoo.

How do you get a teen sim to have quadruplets?

You can use a cheat to make a teenager Sim pregnant, but it is not possible at all, even not in a adult sim to have quadruplets.

Who needs more sleep a teenager or a baby?


How do you change an adult Sim back to a teenager on Sims 2?

You can't '

How long does it take for a Sim to age?

Baby---->3 days Toddler---->4 days Child---->6 days Teenager----> 18 days Adult----> 29 days Elder---->50+ days

Can an adult sim woohoo with a teenager?

No, only adults and elders can woohoo, teenagers can not.

How can you tell your sim is pregnant after trying for a baby?

If your sim is pregnant after trying for a baby "Rock a by baby" will start playing and after about two or three days you will notice your sim changing everyday and undies uniforms and getting a bit of a baby bump.