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Buy them in the Gift Shop or unlock them with a code. But I dont think the white shoes are in any of the Treasure Books. Wait a few months for the next Clothing Catalog and see if its there.

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Q: How do you get white shoes on Club Penguin?
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On Club Penguin where do you buy black and white shoes?

the Gift Shop

What are the best shoes in club penguin?

the best shoes on club penguin are the orange checkered shoe!! i hope this helped!

How do you get pink and white checkered shoes on club penguin?

um u get it from sparkle dash house she is a member

Is there a code for shoes on club penguin?

no not at all

Is there really a white puffle in Club Penguin?

There was not white puffles in club penguin but now there is

Is the white puffle the rarest in Club Penguin?

No, the white puffle is not the rarest puffle on Club Penguin.

Where is the white puffle on Club Penguin?

There is currently no white puffle on Club Penguin, and it will be publically announced to the Club Penguin players so they will be able to adopt them.

What games can you play with a white puffle on club penguin?

This answer is unknown in Club Penguin history. You cannot play any games with a white puffle on Club Penguin

How do you get nonmember shoes on club penguin?

Its impossible there is no way to get nonmember shoes you have to be a member.

Where can you get free shoes on club penguin?

Free shoes is everywhere but when there's a party

What is the code for fancy shoes on club penguin?


What is the code to unlock shoes on club penguin?