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Exchange Blue Shard with the Waterstone.

You'll find waterstone in Abandoned Ship, too.

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Q: How do you get waterstone in Pokemon emerald?
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Where do you get a waterstone on Pokemon?

For which game? Pokemon Red Pokemon Blue Pokemon Yellow Pokemon Gold Pokemon Silver Pokemon Crystal Pokemon Sapphire Pokemon Ruby Pokemon FireRed Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon Emerald Pokemon Diamond Pokemon Pearl

Where do you get a waterstone on Pokemon Silver?


Pokémon emerald what Pokémon evolve with waterstone?

Staryu and Lombre are the only ones available in emerald to my recollection.

What Pokemon do you use waterstone with on Pokemon Platinum?

only vapreon

What Pokemon can use the waterstone?

lombre and staryu.

What Pokemon can evolve a waterstone in heartgold?

I know poliwhirl will evolve to poliwrath and that shelder will evole to cloyster with the waterstone

How do you get a waterstone in Pokemon heartgold?

You can buy one with Athlete Points at the Pokeathlon Store on some days, or you can get a Waterstone from Bill's grandfather after you show him a certain Pokemon.

Where do you find a waterstone on Pokemon pearl?

Dig it out in the underground.

How does a panpour evolve on Pokemon white?

You Need A Waterstone.

What Pokemon evolve with waterstone?

Its evolve to Vaporeon from eevee

Where do you get a waterstone on Pokemon Yellow?

buy it in celdon city

How do you get waterstone in Pokemon FireRed?

You can buy them at Celedon's Department Store.