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It depends on your ID number.

Go here to get the word that will make her laugh.

See related link below.

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Q: How do you get walda to laugh in Pokemon emerald?
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What happens after you make WALDA laugh in Pokemon emerald?

Go to and follow the instructions.

How do you cheer up walda in emerald?

You can cheer Walda up with words that will make her laugh. These words are often nonsense arrangements based on the Trainer ID.

How do you make Walda laugh in Pokemon Emerald?

Go to and follow the instructions.

What do you tell walda's dad to make her happy in Pokemon emerald?

You have to type in "PAttyPete"

Where is walda in Pokemon emerald?

Walda is at rostburo city in a house. (hint: if you see two kids at a desk you are there. Go in Rustboro from the Pokemon center to nnw and take the 2nd house and take the stairs and you found her.

How do you make walda happy in emerald?


What do you say to Walda in Pokemon emerald?

There is no easy answer to what to tell Walda as the answer is based on an Individual trainers Trainer ID. The code you tell her is a mixture of upper and lower case letters that can be customize with color due to hex codes. There are many different resources that can help with the algorithm for divining the answer.

What word to make walda laugh?

It depends on your trainer ID and usually has random characters.

What words do you say to walda in Pokemon emerald?

When she laughs, or smiles or whatever, exchange gifts. All it does is give you wallpaper for your fake videogame PC, dawg. That ain't worth all this trouble.

How can you make Walda smile in Pokemon Emerald?

Say Pokemon (nomekop) backwards. That's NOT right, use the website: Fill your own game ID (of Emerald of course) and what kind of sort box wallpaper you want and then click on ''Generate Secret Word.'' And you have the secret word* *You can get more box wallpapers from him

What do you say to walda in emerald?

idk wut u say but i would like to kno wut it is :(

How do you make the girl happy in rustboro?

In order to make Walda smile you have to give her father a specific code that is unique to each players Trainer ID. Giving the correct code will get the player a new wallpaper for their Pokemon storage unit.