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Blaine, the gym leader of cinnabar island, gives it to you after whooping his butt.

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Q: How do you get volcano badge in Pokemon Red?
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Where do you get the volcano badge in Pokemon Fire Red?

Cinnibar Island.

What are the 8 badges from Pokemon Red?

The 8 badges for Pokemon Red are: Boulder Badge, (Brock) Cascade Badge, (Misty) Thunder Badge, (Lt. Surge) Rainbow Badge, (Erika) Marsh Badge, (Sabrina) Soul Badge, (Koga) Volcano Badge, (Blaine) and Earth Badge. (Giovanni)

What are the Kanto gymbadges in Pokemon FireRed?

The boulder badge, the cascade badge, the thunder badge, the rainbow badge, the soul badge, the marsh badge, the volcano badge and the earth badge.

Where do you get the 7 badge in Pokemon Red?

You will get the 7th Badge which is the Volcano Badge from Blaine, the Gym Leader of Cinnabar Island however you will need to receive the Key from within the Pokémon Mansion before you can unlock the Gym's locked door.

What badge is in cerulean city Pokemon Red?

The Cascade Badge

What is Pokemon Red fifth badge?

In Pokemon Red, the fifth badge is possessed by the Poison-Type Koga. The badge is named Soul Badge. It lets you use Surf outside of Battle.

What city do you get the volcano badge in Pokemon black?

There is NO volcano badge there's Strition city-trio badge Nacerna city-basic badge Castelia city-insect badge Nimbas city-bolt badge Driftviel city-quake badge Mistralion city-jet badge Icirrus city-freeze badge Opelucid city-legend badge

Were is volcano badge in Pokemon Yellow?

In the game Pokemon Yellow you have to beat the leader of gym seven in order to win the Volcano Badge. The leader of this gym is named Blaine and he specializes in fire type Pokemon. To enter this gym you first have to get the secret key. This key is located in the building across from the lab.

Where to get the rainbow badge in Pokemon Red verson?

At celadon city.

How do you get the volcano badge on Pokemon leaf green for Game Boy adavance sp?

beat the gym leader

In Pokemon sapphire which badge is the heat badge?

the heat badge looks like a jumping red burning horse with a ball in the middle

How do you get the eighth gym badge in Pokemon fired?

You can obtain the 8th gym badge (the earth badge) in fire red from Giovanni in Viridian City.