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abuse the health and armor code there is no other way

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Q: How do you get unlimited health in gta 4?
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What is the cheat for unlimited heath on gta vice city for xbox?

There is no unlimited health cheat for the game.You can though have a boost in health by the health cheat.

What is the ulimited heath cheat code on gta 4?

There is no unlimited health code. There is a full health and ammo code: 3625550100.

Is there infinite health for grand theft auto 4 for xbox 360?

No, there is not an infinite ammo cheat in GTA IV. There is a way to get full ammo with any weapon cheat (Weak, Strong, Health & Weapons) by just activating the cheat until there is full ammo capacity.

How do you get unlimited health in zombies black ops?

you can not get unlimited health

Is there a cheat for unlimited life in grand theft auto IV the balad of gay tony ps3?

There Is no infinite health cheat, just like the regular GTA IV. You would have to keep entering the refill health one.

What is the unlimited health cheat for grand theft auto vice city stories on the psp?

There isn't any cheat for infinite health.You cannot have infinite health in the psp.Try Altering files of the game.Though you should play on pc for that.

What is the cheat code for infinite health on Gta 4 for PC?

there is none but geting full health type in 482 555 0100

How do you get unlimited health in igi 1?

give me password of igi 1 game for unlimited health & all gun

How many gang wars are there in gta lost and damed?

There are unlimited gang wars.

How do you i get unlimited health in kino der torten?

its not unlimited, but if u get juggernaut, u get like twice or triple the health

What does extra health do on gta vcs?

It gives you extra health.

How can your health be unlimited in GTA Vice City?

i'm sorry but you can't but.............. you can get 150 health i forgot the cheat i'll edit and put the cheat also.