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If you have enough lifetime happiness, you can purchase the reward "fertility treatment" which increases your hance of having twins or triplets, and eating 3 watermellons will increase your chance of having a girl (3 apples if you ever want a boy).

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Q: How do you get twin girls on Sims 3?
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How do you give birth to twin girls on sims?

you can cheat, or just have the father rub the pregnant sims belly a lot. But even then you dont know if you will have twin girls.

Can you have twin or triplets on the Sims 3 on the wii?

You can have children and twins on Sims 3.

How can you get your sims to have twin girls on The Sims 2 seasons?

type in the cheat acess code (CRTL+SHIFT+C) and then type in forcetwins girls.

How long do you have to dance to the music in order to get pregnant with twin girls on sims 3?

Dancing doesn't do anything, if you want your Sim to have girls their chances are higher if they eat watermelon.

Can 2 girls woo-hoo on the sims 3?

They could on sims 2, why not on sims 3??? :PPhotofreak:Yes, they can.

Can girls propose to girls on sim's?

On sims 2 and 3 you can. I'm not sure about sims 1.

How do you force twins on sims 3?

Buy yourself the Lifetime reward fertility treatment! u may even get triplets! enjoy! OR Eat an even number of apples for twin boys, and a even number of watermelons for twin girls

What do you get a set of twin girls and sextuplets that are 3 girls and 3 boys?

Well, if you have all of these triplets, and one set of twin, this all depends on if the father or the mother has a twin or triplets.

When you have 3 girls and your biological father is a twin and your husbands mother is a twin what are the odds that one of your girls will have twins?

very very high

How do you have twin boys on the sims life stories for PC?

I found a code... BoolProp forceboys 100 or if you want girls, same code but put girls in the place of boys

How can you get twin girls on Sims 2?

you press ctrl+shift+c and than enter forcetwins . once you see your sim is about to have her baby , save BEFORE the box pops up. keep exiting out to the neighborhood WITHOUT saving your game until you get twin baby girls.

In your family 3 generations ago there were fraternal twin girls 2 generations ago identical twin boys 1 generation ago fraternal twin girls how likely will you have twins and what kind will you have?

boys and about 79%