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You can't, these boxes are unpassable, (you can't pass even with GameShark)

But if they are unpassable, then why is it saying there is a wind from behind it...

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Q: How do you get trough the stack of boxes on seven island in the old lady's house on leaf grenn?
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What are the boxes in the old lady's house for on Island 7 in Pokemon?

No use just decorations in the house.

In ghost story island on poptropica how do you get out into the house when the stairs are broke?

you push the boxes

Watz behind da boxes in the house in seven island?

to get through you need an e-reader and behind the boxes is a programmed trainer.

'How do you remove the boxes in the house on 7 island in Pokemon Leaf Green'?

You cant remove them

How do you move the boxes in the old ladys house in seven island without downloading?

you can't sorry

How do you move the boxes on seven island at the old ladies house on Pokemon leafgreen?

Unless you could walk through walls you can't go behind the boxes.

How do i get behind the boxes in the old woman's house on island 7 in leafgreen?

You can't get behind it. But you can hack it with Advance Map.:)

How do you get the boxes out of the way of the ladys house in island seven in fire red without cheats and without the e-reader?

You would have to walk through walls because there's no way to move the boxes.

How do you get through where house in poke mon fire red?

Are you refering the house in cerulean the at one point is blocked by a security guard? Or possibly the house on 7 island with the boxes in the way of a doorway? specify what house you are refering to. ----

How do you move the boxes in the old lady's house?

you cant move boxes

What is a secret rooreenm on Pokemon leaf g?

You are probably thinking about the room you can't enter in the old ladies house on seven island because boxes are in your way.

What is that ladies secrets on island 7 in fire red?

The old lady with boxes in her house has nothing. It was a secret battling room, but they removed it in the US version. But It's in the Japanese version though?!