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next to martin's house (the taxi driver)

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Q: Where are the boxes in my sims agent?
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Where Is Violets Cat In your Sims Agent?

Violets cat is in the petting zoo talk to tabor (petting zoo owner) he will say there is something behind the boxes. Move the boxes around and there is Violets cat

Who is violet in your sims agent?

On My sims agent ds she is the flower girl that is sort of gothic

Where is weather in your sims agents?

Weather is in the petting zoo behind boxes. You have to move all the boxes to get her out.

How do you fix the bike in My Sims agent?

how do you fix the bike in my sims agents

On The Sims 2 how do you change back to your sim?

There are boxes to the left with you sims' portrait.Click on the one you want to use.

When does the next My sims come out after my sims agent?

I don't really know, but I was really mad when they ended it:(

Sims agent who wrote the letter?

the mayor rodger

In my sims agent in the cave what is the code you enter?


Where is violets black cat on sims agents ds game?

Behind the wooden boxes:)

How do you get into the tomb on my sims agents?

You jump on those boxes and then use the tool to yank it open.

Where are the boxes weather is hidding behind in your sims agents?

The Boxes are at the petting Zoo, but u have to go to Bayside and then keep on going, there is also a map ...... ha ha

How do you get a king salmon for Ashley on my sims agent?

you get it at crystal falls at night