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do you know where the river is in hyrule feild? well go near the end of it and there is a cave, go in it but your not there yet. then follow the zora river until you get to the big triforce in front of the water fall. get on it and play the song "zelda's lullaby" on your ocarina. then a secret passage will open, go in the passage and your in the zora's domain!

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Q: How do you get to zoras domain in ocarina of time?
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How do you get to the big white wolfo in the legend of Zelda the ocarina of time?

it is in the ice cavern in zoras domain

Where are the Zoras in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time?

Most of them are in the water in Zora's Domain. But seven years later they're under the ice in Zora's Domain.

How do you get to zoras foutain ocarina of time 3D?

You have to get princess ruto's message from lake hylia and show it to king zora and he will move.

Where is thethird sage in Zelda ocarina of time?

The Third Sage is Princess Ruto of the Zoras, the Sage of Water, who you rescue from the Water Temple.

How do you unfreeze zoras domain?

You don't. It stays frozen.

How do you get the tears in zoras domain?

i am the person who wrote this and in this question i dont mean the tears where the zoras who you free from the ice.oh this is on wii

Who is the seventh sage in Zelda ocarina of time?

The seventh sage is actually Princess Zelda. She is the Sage of Time.

Where is zoras domain in Zelda twighit princes?

the bottom of the center of lake hiylia

How do you get in the kakariko village on ocarina of time 3ds there are rocks in the way and i cant buy bombs and i tried zeldas lullaby from what the owl said but still nothing?

maybe ur outside of zoras domain or somewer else. if im wrong, go to an online walkthrough somewere. thats sure to tell u wat to do.

Where do you pour the blue fire in zoras domain?

Pour it over the frozen King Zora.

Why did the zoras act freindly on the legend of Zelda ocarina of time?

At least to my knowledge, the Zoras have always been a peaceful race. They, like the Gorons and Kokiri, are denizens of Hyrule and serve the royal family loyally. They are treated as equals (or, at least, not treated as inferior) in the Hyrulian society, and therefore have no reason to be unfriendly.

How do you get the silver scale on ocarina of time?

Complete the diving game from the zora on top of the waterfall in the zora domain