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Yes in ocarina of time you can skip the fire temple. that's what my friend told me. how it helped :)

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Q: Can you skip the fire temple in Ocarina of Time?
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How do you skip the door of time in Zelda ocarina of time?

If by this question you are referring to traveling through time, simply make your way to the Temple of Time and (if you are adult Link) place the Master Sword in its pedestal at the back of the temple or (if you are kid Link) grab the Master Sword from its pedestal. Both actions are preformed with the "A" button. If Sheik is standing in front of the pedestal, this is because you have not beaten the Forest Temple. Once you beat the Forest Temple you can freely travel back and forth through time.

How do you skip time on Club Penguin?

You cannot skip time on Club Penguin!

In the legend of Zelda ocerina of time i have just done the time skip went to the forest temple but i accidentally used a key where i shouldn't now i have no key can i get one somewhere else?

The same thing happened to he. You have to look around and you will find one. I only remember where one is. It is in the first room of the temple.

In the Legend of Zelda Ocerina of time. I've just done the time skip went to the Forest temple but I accidentally used a key where I shouldn't now I have no key can I get one somewhere else?

Same happened to me. Keep looking arould you should find it. I only remember that one is in the first room of the temple.

Can you skip time for the safari on heartgold?

No, you cannot skip time. You are timed no matter what you do. It is part of the game.

How old is tashigi in one piece?

21 before the time-skip and she is 23 after the time-skip.

How do you use a fire staff?

you just wear it then get a spell that also requires fire runes and you can just skip the fire rune part because with the staff you have unlimited fire runes.

How old is zoro?

Zoro is 19 before the two year time skip, same as Sanji. He is 21 after the time skip.

Will naruto Shippuden will have a time skip too?

No one knows if there will be another time skip. Kishimoto hasn't said anything about it.

How many characters are there in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4?

look NUN4 (u kno what it means) characters are unknown somebody says "yes" and im sayin ur yesing to wat read the question for gods sake oh and the characters i heard was almost all but not all for NUN4 acually, naruto un 4 is going to have all the sound ninja and the origanal naruto characters. plus new shippuden characters

When does Kankuro get the Salamander?

In the time skip

What episode of one piece does the time skip start?

episode 516 is the last before the two year time skip