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The Lavender Town Radio Tower is only accessible in the first floor in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. A security guard will tell you that after the takeover of the Goldenrod Radio Tower, they are stepping up security measures to prevent Team Rocket from hijacking their tower in Kanto.

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Q: How do you get to the top of the lavender town radio tower?
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Where is the pokeflute setting on Soul Silver?

It's at the top of your radio if you talked to the guy in the radio tower in Lavender town.

Where is the radio tower in heart gold?

In Johto the radio tower is in goldenrod near the top to the left near the game corner place , and in Kanto the radio tower is in lavender town

How do you get to how do you get to the top of the tower in lavender town?

you dont.

How do you get the radio card in lavender town?

theres a guy with a hat in the radio tower speak to him you will receive the card and move the circle thing in the radio at the top you will hear pokeflute

Where in lavender town is mrfuji?

He is in the top floor of Pokemon tower

How do you get pokeflute channel in soul silver?

after yu have solved the power plant fiasco you go to the radio tower in lavender town. talk to a guy in tehre and he rewards you by upgrading your radio

How do you get the pokeflute in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You don't actually get it it's after you get the kanto radio card from the guy in the lavender town radio tower. set the radio to the top middle and there will be pokeflute. hope this helps!

How do get the pokeflute?

When you reach Lavender Town in Kanto, get the radio card from the Radio Tower to enable radio stations from Kanto. Then get the dial and move it right to the top of the globe thingy. this wakes up the snorlax :)

Were do you go to get to Fuji in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The top of Lavender Town's tower

Where is flute Pokemon Blue?

from the top of the ghost tower in lavender town

Where is team rocket in lavender town?

At the top floor of the Pokemon Tower

Why do you need a lvl 20 ghost Pokemon to get to the top of the radio tower in kanto?

That is not true! The makers of the game didn't make a second floor. There is no top of the radiotower in Lavender Town...