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The locations are:

The Cold Storage, just south of Driftveil City.

Dreamyard, east of Striaton City.

Chargestone Cave, between Route 6 and Mistralton City.

Route 14, between White Forest and Undella Bay.

The Relic Castle, west of Route 4.

Route 18, to the far west of Route 1.

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Q: How do you get to the third sage in Pokemon White?
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How do you get to the sage in Pokemon white?

The sage is located in Undella Town. To get to it, you need to go to the water and go up the waterfall.

How do you catch the 7 sages on Pokemon white?

You just have to find them. Sage 1 - Dreamyard, in a previously inaccessible area, Sage 2 - Relic Castle, Sage 3 - Chargestone Cave, third level, Sage 4 - Cold Storage, inside a container, Sage 5 - Route 17, on the westernmost island, Sage 6 - Route 14, you need 'Waterfall' to reach him, Ghetsis - Captured at the end of the main plot, but escaped and can't be found (until Pokemon Grey, perhaps).

Where do you find looker when you have found the last sage in Pokemon white?

He just comes to capture him.

How do you find sage on route 14 Pokemon white version?

You walk up and down route 14 and after a couple of minutes, you'll find sage.

Where is the seventh sage?

In Pokemon Black/White Versions there is only Six Plazma Sages To Discover

Where is the third gram in Pokemon white?

the third gram is with a parsol lady justb talk to her

How do you get to the third gym in pokemon white?

check all the piers

What nicknames does Bennett White go by?

Bennett White goes by Bennett the Sage, and The Sage.

What is the third Pokemon besides Cobalion and Verizon in Pokemon white version?

Terrakion in Victory Road.

What is white sage called in kannada?

White sage is called "ವೈಟ್ ಸೇಜ್" (vait sej) in Kannada.

Where is HM flash in Pokemon Gold?

Bellsprout Tower, the last sage will give it to you after you beat him

Where is thethird sage in Zelda ocarina of time?

The Third Sage is Princess Ruto of the Zoras, the Sage of Water, who you rescue from the Water Temple.