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Go to Veilstonecity andgo to the little craters on the right(->) side. Go to the bottom road and go left(<-) until you cant go further. Go up the stairs and go north(up).there you see dawn(or Lucas if your a girl). She'll talk to you and then she'll walk away.keep going north and your at the gym. Go inside and figure out the puzzle. Warning:you will have to fight some trainers........the gym leader has three Pokemon. These are Lucario Lv.30. Meditite, I think Lv.27. And a Machoke, maybe Lv.28?;) . .

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Q: How do you get to the third gym in Pokemon pearl?
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3rd gym leader in Pokemon Pearl?

The third gym leader in poekmon pearl is maylene, a fighting type gym leader.

Where is the third gym badge on Pokemon pearl?

Veilstone City

Where is the third gym leader pokemon pearl?

She is in Veilstone City.

Where is Michael Jackson in Pokemon Pearl?

Just to the left of the third gym

In Pokemon pearl what city is the third gym leader in?

Veilstone city,the gym leader is a fighting type

In Pokemon pearl what do you do after you achieve the third gym badge?

You should go to Canalave city

What is the third Gym Leader's type in Pokemon Pearl?

fighting{I recommend alaczam and vespiquen}

What to do after beating the fourth gym in Pokemon Pearl?

what do you do after beating the fouth gym in pokemon pearl

How do you get 8 gym badges on Pokemon Pearl?

we can get 8 gym badges byfighting all the gym leaders in Pokemon pearl.

Where do you get gym badges Pokemon Pearl?

You defeat the gym leaders in Pearl. ~KKMG1

Where is the gym for strength in Pokemon pearl?

Veilstone Gym.

Who do you get to the ninth gym leader on Pokemon pearl?

there is no ninth gym. after the eight gym is the Pokemon league.