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Make sure your Pokemon are capable of loosing a battle, or is poisoned. If your Pokemon are not poisoned, (all of them), make sure you left at least one battle before you get HM Cut, and then let all your Pokemon faint somehow. The ship will not set sail, and you can come back when you have a Pokemon with surf. Use surf of the wooded-looking bridge before entering the Anne, (Go right) and soon you'll see the truck. This truck will NOT give you mew, so this is kinda pointless.

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Q: How do you get to the ss anne truck in Pokemon Yellow?
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Where is the truck in Pokemon FireRed?

the truck is by ss anne, you have to surf to get there

Where is ss anne in Pokemon Yellow?

S.S Anne is in Vermillion City.

How do you get to the ss anne in Pokemon Yellow?

Southern Vermilion City

What can you do to make the SS Anne not set sail in Pokemon Yellow?

Not play the game

Where do you get the move cut in Pokemon Yellow?

You aqquire HM01 Cut on the SS Anne from the Captain.

Truck behind the ss ane in Pokemon fire red?

The truck is not behind the ss anne its to the right of it but you need surf and you must be able to use it out of battle before the ss anne goes away, to prevent it from going away NEVER GET HMCUT.

When does the Vermilion Harbor ship come back in Pokemon Yellow?

The ship SS Anne will never return in yellow version.

What gym do you have to beat to use fly in Pokemon Yellow?

Vermillion gym. You have to get cut from the SS Anne first.

Where is poke centre in ss anne Pokemon Yellow?

YOU get your own room usually in the left in the beginning of the boat

How can you revisit the ss anne on Pokemon Yellow?

Once you get off the S.S. Anne, you can not reenter the cruise ship, it sails away once you leave.

Where is the ss anne in Pokemon Platinum?

there is no ss anne that's in the kanto region. Pokemon platinum is in the sinnoh region.

How do you get hm cut in Pokemon Yellow special pikachu edition?

on the ss anne go to bills thzen get on the boat