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The easy way to get to Ice Hockey is to look on the map and click on the Stadium.

If you are in the snow forts, you can see the stadium and walk to it.

Sometimes they play soccer instead.

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Q: How do you get to the hockey arena on club penguin?
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Where on the Club Penguin map is the sports shop?

At the hockey arena.

How do you play hockey in your own house in club penguin?

You can't.

How do you play hockey on club penguin?

you just have to go to the arena and play it. look for it on the town map. you cant really "play" it you kind of just hit the puck around hope this helped

How do you get a hockey suit in Club Penguin?

To get a hockey suit in club penguin you have to become a member. Once you are a member you go to the stadium and click on the catolog on the bottom. Look through the catalog and find the hockey suits. Click on buy then, if you have enough coins click yes and then it will be in your penguin's inventory.

How do you use the hockey rink in Club Penguin?

you have to go past it and it will move

Where is the hockey puck in Club Penguin?

its in the hockey rink. you have to move around in order to move it and put it in the goals

How do you walk fast on Club Penguin?

There is no difference in walking in Club Penguin. However, if you walk on ice (the ice hockey), I believe you do slide around faster.

How do you get to the sport shop after it was destroyed on club penguin?

go to the arena and there will be a catalog with the sports items in it

How do you set up a hockey game in club penguin?

you get friends and go play

How do you get a Club Penguin TV?

I've never heard of Club Penguin TV's before. I'm sorry I can't answer your question. But if you're talking about the TV you can watch Club Penguin hockey on, that's in the better igloo's catolog.

In Club Penguin Ultimate Official Guide To Club penguin what is the word on page 154 4 words from the left from the left on line 8?

arena. with this answer u will get 2000 coins

Club Penguin where do you get a hockey stick?

Go to the Sports Shop and look in the Sports catalogue.

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