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It is sort of hidden. Starting from the north end of Route13, make your way south. Once you reach the part where you go down the steps into the really tall grass (the one where you can have double battles). Make your way right until you reach water. There should be a man standing there. Then you need to surf out around the rocks there and travel north along the coast.. Then you are there. This is where you can catch the legendary Pokemon, which is in the inner cave. I do not know haw to get to the inner cave though.

****You have to have the National pokedex to have access to the giant chasm.

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Q: How do you get to the giant chasm in Pokemon white?
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What Pokemon are at giant chasm in Pokemon Black or white?


How do you find kyrem in Pokemon white?

In the giant chasm

Where do you get a dito in Pokemon White?

You go to giant chasm

How do you find kyrim in Pokemon white?

in giant chasm

Where could you get a ditto in Pokemon White?

Giant chasm

Were to catch a Ditto in Pokemon White?

Giant Chasm

Where can you find a sneasel in Pokemon White?

giant chasm

Where is kerum in Pokemon White?

it is at the end of giant chasm

How do you get Ditto in Pokemon white version?

After you beat the elite four you can catch it in the giant chasm there is also a legendary Pokemon in the giant chasm called kyurem.

How do you get to the ice dragon in Pokemon white and black?

in the giant chasm

Where is kyerem in Pokemon black and white?

In the Giant Chasm when you get up to that part

How do you find the razor claw in Pokemon White 2?

At the giant chasm