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the embedded tower is located near the Safari zone, it is in the same place in both HeartGold AND SoulSilver. It is on the route right before the Safari Zone, also there are trainers on the way. You will see a hiker right before it, he will not battle you. Oh and if you have HeartGold, please answer my Question of WHO WANTS TO TRADE A KIOGRE FROM EMBEDDED TOWER FOR A SHINEY CELEBI.

I really thank you fti.

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its too hard lol

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Q: How do you get to the embedded tower?
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Do you need waterfall to get to embedded tower?

no we don't need waterfall to get to embedded tower

What tower is kyrouge in heartgold?

Kyogre is in Embedded Tower.

Is Rotom in the embedded tower?


What is that tower near the safari zone in soulsilver?

the embedded tower

Where is embedded tower?

Route 47. .

How do you get kyoger on Pokemon SoulSilver?

Import from Sapphire or emerald, trade from heart gold. If you Have the groudon from the embedded tower in soul silver and the kyogre from the embedded tower in heart gold, you can take them both to professor oak. He will give you the jade orb, which you can take to the embedded tower to catch rayquaza. Both groudon and kyogre MUST be from the embedded tower, or it will not work

How do you get the jade orb on HeartGold?

Get the Kyogre you caught at the Embedded Tower, and trade a Groudon from Soulsilver. (Note: They cannot be transfered from RSE, they have to be from the Embedded Tower!!) Then, bring both of them in your party to Oak, then he'll give you a Jade Orb. Rayquaza will be at the Embedded Tower.

How do you catch rayquayza in Pokemon HeartGold?

Embedded tower. However, it's not as simple as that. First you need to catch Kyogre at the Embedded tower (Groudon in SoulSilver). Then you need to trade for a Groudon that was caught at the Embedded Tower (trade for Kyogre in SoulSilver). After showing both of these to Professor Oak then you get the Jade Orb. Next time you go to the Embedded tower, Rayquaza will be waiting.

Where embedded tower in heartgold?

The Embedded Tower is on Route 47, between Cianwood City and the Safari Zone. It becomes unlocked if you have the Blue Orb.

How do you capture Kyogre in heartgold?

Kyogre is located in The Embedded tower, or hidden tower.

Where is kyroge in Pokemon HeartGold?

Embedded Tower.

Where is reyquza in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The Embedded Tower.