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you go down the stairs and go all the way to the right then climb up the ladder then there is a room go in there and then the captain is behind a desk

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Q: How do you get to the captain on the ss aqua in Pokemon soul silver?
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Where is the girl on the boat on Pokemon soul silver?

She is in the captain's quarters.

Where is vermillian city on Pokemon soul silver?

In Kanto. It will be where you get dropped off on the SS Aqua.

How do you get out of ship ss aqua Pokemon soul silver second time?

It sails on Mon and Fri

Where is the sailors friend on the ss aqua in Pokemon soul silver?

In the room next to yours, but first you need to battle him.

How do you get off the ss aqua in Pokemon soul silver?

The SS.Aqua only arrives once you have beaten all the trainers on the boat.

Where do you find the ss aqua in Pokemon soul silver?

you dont ignore that you find it at the bottom of olivine city. hope i helped!

Where to get iron plate in soul silver?

Go to the S.S aqua and talk to the captain in a separate room from everyone elses. Each day you will get a different plate.

How do you get on S. S. aqua in Pokemon soul silver?

Beat the elite four then Professor Elm will give you the S. S. ticket.

What do you do while you wait for Boaba to call you in Pokemon silver soul?

beat the league, take the fast ship ss aqua to kanto

Where the arceus plates in soul silver?

On the S.S.A Aqua.

Where is the ninth gym in Pokemon soul silver?

vermilion city once you've beaten the pkmn league. take the ss aqua from olivine to get there.

Pokemon soul silver ss aqua sailors friend?

you need to beat the elite four to go on the ss aqua