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You do random stuff

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Q: How do you get to the basement of Mt Cornet in Diamond?
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Where can you find a chimecho in Diamond Version?

You can find a Chimecho in Mt. Cornet!!! You can find a Chimecho in Mt. Cornet

How do you get into Mt cornet in pokemon diamond?


How do you catch a feebas in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Feebas can be a pain to catch in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl by going to Mt. Cornet. Feebas is located on the basement floor of the Mt. Cornet. The player will need the HMs Surf and Strength to reach the underground lake. Patient and Luck will grant the player a elusive Feebas.

Where is diagla in mt cornet on Pokemon diamond?

Dialga is in spear pillar

Where to find Dialga on Pokemon diamond?

Spear pillar on Mt. Cornet

Where is dialog on Pokemon diamond?

On the Top of Mt. Cornet/ Spear Piller

How do you get through mt cornet platinum?

The path is the exact same as Diamond.

Where do you find a drainti on Pokemon Diamond?

super rod mt cornet 4f

Is diaga in Pokemon diamond in mt cornet?

no hes somewhere more secret

How do you get a dilga?

in mt cornet in mt cornet

How do you go to snowpont city in Pokemon diamond?

theres a passageway through mt cornet

What HM do you need to get throw mt cornet in Pokemon Diamond?

Surf and Rock Climb.