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beat the 4th and 5th DA

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Q: How do you get to the 6th gym in Pokemon Diamond?
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Where is the 6th gym leader in Pokemon Diamond?

The 6th gym leader is in Canalave City.

What gym leader can make you use the attack stegngh in Pokemon diamond?

Byron (as Roark's Dad.) He is the 6th Gym leader in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Also his Pokemon is Steel type.

What city is the 6th gym in Pokemon diamond?

Canalave City on the far west of the map.

Where does professor rowand want you to go after the 6th gym on Pokemon diamoNd?

you go to the canclave library

Pokemon diamond what gym do you get strength?

You will be able to use HM04 Strength outside of battle after you defeat the 6th gym which is in Canalave City.

Where is the 1st gym leader in Pokemon Diamond?

The first gym in Pokemon diamond is in Oreburgh City

How do you get to the 5 gym on Pokemon Diamond?

the fifth gym on Pokemon diamond is the one in herthome city,

Where is the 6th leader on diamond?

The 6th Gym Leader on diamond in Byron. Bryon has Steel Pokemon and is located in Canalave City. Canalave City is to the west of Jubilife City.

How do you get to the sixth gym badge in Pokemon diamond?

The Canalave City Gym is the 6th gym. To get there, you must Surf west from Jubilife City. Get HM03 Surf in Celestic Town.

Who is the 6th gym on Pokemon LeafGreen?

The 6th gym is in Saffron City the gym leader is Sabrina she uses Psychic type pokemon.

Where is the 6th gym in Pokemon platinum?

the 6th gym is in canalacve city

Were is gym seven on Pokemon Diamond?

The seventh gym in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum is located in Snowpoint City, which is to the East of Lake Acuity.