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i think the answer to your question is to go Sprite tower first or take the left bug first the then the midle or only one pull the lever then get on the bug and pull the next lever then get back on the bug and bugsy (the gym leader) should be there

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Q: How do you get to the 2nd gym leader in HeartGold?
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Where do you find the third gym leader on Pokemon HeartGold?

In Pokémon HeartGold, you can find the 3rd Gym Leader in Goldenrod City.

Can you become gym leader on HeartGold?

no you can not become a gym leader in any game.

In heartgold and soulsilver who is the 8th gym leader in viridian city?

Gym Leader Blue

2nd gym leader in HeartGold?

Bugsy in Azelea Town. If you chose Cyndaquil as your starter you should have any trouble.

Where is the 14 gym leader in HeartGold?

The 14 gym leader in heart gold is in Saffron City.

How do you become a Gym Leader in Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver?

You CAN NOT become a Gym Leader in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver or ANY MAIN SERIES POKEMON GAME.

Where is the 16th gym leader in heartgold?

the 16 leader is in virdinian city after beating every other gym leader

How do you battle the 2nd gym leader on Pokemon heartgold?

use either a fire type or a flying type to beat bugsy.

Where is the eight gym in Pokemon HeartGold?

The gym is in Blackthorn City.The gym leader is Clair.

I can't get out of cinnawood gym in Pokemon HeartGold?

try beating the gym leader

Where do you find the 8th gym leader in heartgold?

Go to Blackthorn city. The gym is there

Where is the gym leader for Viridain in HeartGold?

on cinnabar island