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its brock

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Q: Who is the gym leader for pewter city in heartgold?
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Where is the first gym in Kanto at in Pokemon heartgold?

Pewter City

What gym is Pewter City?

The Pewter City gym is a Rock-type gym. The gym leader is Brock, who gives the Boulder Badge when defeated.

Who is the gym leader in pewter city?


How do you get the pewter gym leader at the gym in heart gold and SoulSilver?

After defeating the champion in heartgold and going through diglett's cave

WHere is the First gym Leader?

Pewter City. Vs. The Rock-Type Gym Leader Brock

What is the 1st gym leader in Pokemon Yellow?

Brock is the first gym leader in pewter city.

Where is the ninth gym leader in heartgold?

The 9th gym leader is Brock and he is in pewter city.To go there yoU hVae to pasS snorlax that is coverinG the entrace to the cave.

Where is the first gym leader in pokemon indigo?

It is the Pewter city gym Brock

Where do you find the third gym leader on Pokemon HeartGold?

In Pokémon HeartGold, you can find the 3rd Gym Leader in Goldenrod City.

In heartgold and soulsilver who is the 8th gym leader in viridian city?

Gym Leader Blue

Where is Brock in Pokemon HG?

He is the Pewter City gym leader.

Where to find the 1st gym leader in FireRed?

Pewter City.