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you first have to go up mt. coronet, finish team galactic and battle dialga then the fat guy will be gone

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Q: How do you get to sunny shore city in Pokemon pearl?
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Sunny shore city?

Sunny Shore City is a location in the games Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum. The city is powered by solar energy.

Where is the eighth gym leader on Pokemon pearl?

The 8th gym leader is in sunny shore city

In Pokemon pearl how do you pass the guy blocking sunny shore city?

battle palkia/ dialga

How do you unblock the road to sunny shore city on Pokemon Pearl?

defeat team galactic on mt. coronet

Where do you get waterfall on Pokemon Pearl?

you get it after you beat the last gym then you go to the girl north of sunny shore city she'll give you it

How do you catch Pokemon 135 Pokemon Pearl?

Pokemon 135 is lumineon you can either evolve a finneon or else catch it in the water above sunny shore city

What Pokemon can you get outside sunny shore city?

None sorry.

How do you get chatot on Pokemon pearl?

look on the route going to sunny shore city or trade with that kid (boy) in one of those big fancy houses at enterna city

Where is the 8 th gym badge in Pokemon pearl?

The 8th gym battle is east of the hotles are. you will have to fight some triners before you get to the city. its called sunny shore city.

How do you get to sunny shore city on pokemon diamond?

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What do i do after going to lake acuity in Pokemon pearl?

you have to go tohearthome city and go into mt coronet and get palkia and then you go to sunny shore city to defeat volkner

How do you get to the light house sunny shore city in emerald?

there is no sunny shore city on emerald