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Q: How do you get to ruin maniac's cave basement?
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Where can you get TM 28?

TM 28(a.k.a.dig) is in the ruin maniacs cave.

Where do you find hippopotas in Pokemon pearl?

in the ruin maniacs cave just down from veilstone city. tough to find tho in the ruin maniacs cave just down from veilstone city. tough to find tho

On Pokemon pearl version how do you catch hippototas?

they r in the ruin maniacs cave

Where is the ruin maniacs cave in platinum?

route 214 below veilstone city

How does the ruin maniacs cave get longer in Pokemon pearl?

The more unknowns you catch, the bigger it gets

Who gives the magmorizer to you in Pokemon platinum?

you find the magamarizer on route 214. it is not long away from the ruin maniacs cave

How do you get dig the hm in Pokemon Platinum?

Dig is not a HM in Pokemon Platinum but a TM, it can be found in the ruin maniacs cave.

Where is ruin maniacs cave?

its in solceaon town sorry if i misspelled a word

How do you find an unknown in the ruin maniacs?

you cant you have to go to the unknown area where the day care city is and go through the cave go back to him if you think you have them all

How do you get to the top part of the solacean ruins?

catch all 26 unknown and go through the ruin maniacs cave when you reach the end you will find the 2 rarest unknown ? !.

How do you catch a hippowpatas in Pokemon platinum?

All you have to do is go to the ruin maniacs cave - under Veilstone city, go to the left when you see all the fences, follow the CAVE path, the first entrance will be the maniac cave, by the way, the more Unknown you catch, the deeper his tunnel becomes.

What trainer has hippopotas on Pokemon Platinum?

in the maniacs cAVE