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you save the flete at the cocky little freack kid

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Q: How do you get to planet aquos on the game star fox 64?
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Is Star Fox a good game?

Depends on the player. Star Fox is a adventure game series.

When did Star Fox - video game - happen?

Star Fox - video game - happened in 1993.

Will there be a new star fox game but not the layat wars 3d?

No there aren't any plans for a "Star Fox Adventures 2" game or any plans to make a new star fox game.

When was Star Fox - video game - created?

Star Fox - video game - was created on 1993-02-21.

Is star fox on PlayStation 1?

No star fox is a game series by Nintendo and the playstation is sony. so no star fox games on Playstation.

Where are the plants in star fox adventures?

There is only one planet in Star Fox adventures. The game takes place on Dinosaur Planet, also known as Sauria.Sauria/Dinosaur planet is inhabited by multiple tribes of dinosaur species. The climate is as varied as that of Corneria, with lush green forests, traversable volcanoes, snowy mountains, and purple dusted mountains.

What was the first Star Fox game?

The first video game in the Star Fox series was 'Star Fox' for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System released in 1993. However, 'Star Fox 64' released in 1997 for the Nintendo 64 console is established as the first actual canon game in the Star Fox series since it expands the story, plot, characters, etc.

Is Dinosaur Planet the same as Star Fox Adventures?

It's a yes and no. There are similarities like the WarpStone or the Dinosaur Tribes. It was going to be for the Nintendo 64 but it was canceled and remade for the Nintendo GameCube and was called Star Fox Adventures were the story and stages were changed big time. Krystal was originally a cat, but when changed to a Star Fox game, Krystal was a fox. Sabre was a lion who was changed to Fox McCloud.

What video game is fox from Super Smash Bros from?

Star fox

Will there be a new star fox game?

yes Nintendo is planing to remake star fox 64 for 3ds

When was star fox command placed in the series?

After the 2nd best SF game in the series, Star Fox Assault.

Which Star Fox game will allow you to alter the course of the storyline?

Star Fox Command for DS allows you to make some choices that affect the path of your game.