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this is easy. after fixing the power plant problem, you go to the radio tower. the man (old looking) gives you a fute radio station app on your radio on your pokegear. go to the snorlax then play that radio station, he will awake and will fight you. CATCH HIM hes the only one the the game, then you will go through digletts cave and arrive in PEWTER, oh and remember go to the seafoam island when you visit cinnabar island,

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Q: How do you get to pewter city on Pokemon heart-gold and soul-silver?
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Where to catch Ho-oh?

I only now where to catch it okemon heartgold and soulsilver in Pokemon heartgold you get it after beating archer in Pokemon soulsilver in pewter city there is a man on a hill

What will you get to get to pewter city?

you get the wing of the hoho in soulsilver and the wing of lugia in heartgold

Where is steven after you catch latias or latios in Pokemon heartgold?

In the pewter city museum. to get his attantion you must bring walking latias ( heartgold) or latios ( soulsilver ) with a soul dew from a mystery gift. then he will take you to saffron city. he will talk to you for a while. then he will go back to pewter then show you latios ( heartgold ) or latias ( soulsilver ) outside of the museum. then after you defeat or catch one of eon Pokemon that's the last of him.

Where do you get the silver wing?

If you're using heartgold, after beating the Pokemon league go to pewter city and an old man on a hill will give you the rainbow wing in soulsilver and the silver wing in heartgold.

Where is the secret tower in pewter city in Pokemon soulsilver?

There is no tower, not even a glitch tower, in Pewter City.

How do you get to the museum in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The museum is in Pewter city. Which is in Kanto.

How do you get to mtmoon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You go right from Pewter City.

Where is the first gym in Kanto at in Pokemon heartgold?

Pewter City

In Pokemon soulsilver and heartgold where is saffron city?

There is no saffron city.

Where are all the lendgary Pokemon in Pokemon soulsiver?

lugia-whirlwind island ho-oh-bell tower sucuine-route 25 entei and rakoi-roaming latios-roaming(soulsilver)or pewter city from dewdrop item(heartgold) latias-roaming(heartgold)or pewter city with the dewdrop item from the mystery event(soulsilver) groundon-embedded tower(soulsilver) kyroge-embedded tower(heartgold) rayquaza-embedded tower must have a groundon and kyroge If you have any other questions go to

How do you get from cerulean city to pewter city in Pokemon heartgold?

You can fly there or go west.

How do you can Lugia in Pokemon HeartGold?

Talk to an old man in Pewter City and he'll give you something. Then go to the Whirl Islands and take the same path as you would in SoulSilver.