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After you fix the power plant go to lavender town and get the Kanto Radio Card. Then go east of Vermillion and use the radio to wake snorlax by positioning the tuner toward the top of the dial until it says "Poke Flute". With him out of the way go to Diglet cave which will take you to the West part of Kanto, between Pewter and Viridian.

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Q: How do you get to pewter city in Kanto soul silver?
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Where is profesor oak in kanto on Pokemon soul silver?

Pewter city.

Were is Brock located in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Pewter City, in Kanto.

Were is pewter city in soul silver?

in kanto after pasing diglett's cave go north there you will find pewter city

Where do you get the rainbow tail in soul silver?

You get the rainbow wing in Pewter City in Kanto.

Where is pewter city at soul silver?

Pewter City is located in the Kanto region. You can acess the Kanto region once you have defeated the Elite Four. Hope this Helps!

Where is Pewter City Museum in Pokemon soul silver?

It is in kanto after you beat the Champion. Hope this helps? Thanks.

Where do you find brock in the Kanto region in Pokemon soul silver?

Pewter City Gym. Same as always.

How do you get rainbow wing in soul silver?

You go to pewter city in the Kanto region and go to the old man on a hill. he will give you it.

How do you get the silver feather on Pokemon soul silver on Nintendo ds?

simple go to pewter city in kanto then talk to the guy next to the Pokemon store

How do you find rainbow wing in soul silver?

go to pewter city in kanto,then talk to an old guy who will give you the rainbow wing.

Where is the pewter museum in soul sliver?

The Pewter Museum is in Pewter City in the Kanto region, which can only be accessed after the Elite Four

Where is rainbow wing in soul silver?

you can get it in kanto after you have defeated the 8 gym of jhoto and defeated lance. the rainbow wing is 4 free from a man in pewter city.