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You can not get there till you get the TM fly

Get cut, go through Digglet's Cave and keep walking down until you see the last tree you can cut. Then head downwards passing Veridian City, and you'll eventually run into Pallet town.

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Q: How do you get to pallet town from cerulean city?
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Where do you find poliwag in pokemon leafgreen?

Use the Good Rod or Super Rod and fish at: Pallet Town, Cerulean City, or the Safari Zone.

What town is the cerulean gym in soul silver?

in cerulean city

How do you get to find pallet town in soul silver?

Pallet Town is where it normally is, south of Viridian city.

Where is town on Pokemon SoulSilver?

What town!? Be more specific with your questions! There is the following towns: New Bark Town Cherrygrove City Violet City Azalea Town Goldenrod City Ecruteak City Olivine City Cianwood City Mahogany Town Blackthorn City Vermillion City Saffron City Lavender Town Cerulean City Celadon City Fuchsia City Pewter City Viridian City Pallet Town Cinnabar Island Seafoam Island

Where are all the places you meet your rival in firered?

Pallet town, Cerulean City, Silph Co, Pokemon Tower, Route west of Viridian city (twice), Four island, Six island in the Pokemon center.

How can you get to pallet town in pokemon crystal?

A person can get to Pallet Town in Pokemon Crystal by first defeating Snorlax at the cave. Then, proceed to Viridian City, which leads into Pallet Town.

How do you get back to pewter city in Pokemon fire after cerulean city?

Well you cant unless you get cut and go through digletts cave, Get fly and fly there, or get surf and surf around the bottom of the region to pallet town the walk there.

Where is fuchsia on Pokemon LeafGreen version?

It is below Lt. Surge's town which is below cerulean which is connected to viridian by Mt. Moon which gets to Pallet town eventually

What is mistys town in Pokemon Yellow?

Cerulean city

What town is Bulbasaur in on Pokemon Yellow?

Cerulean city.

How do you get to viridian?

Viridian city is north from pallet town.

What city is professor oak in?

Pallet Town in Kanto.