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Play through until you beat the Elite 4 for the first time, then when you arrive in the Kanto region, make your way up to Pewter Town. From there, take the East road, follow past all the trainers, and go inside the mountain entrance at the end of the path.

Once you get in there, you are in Mt. Moon! Yay!

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Q: How do you get to mt moon on crystal?
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How get mt moon crystal?

there is no moon crystal.

Where does your rival go after you beat him at mt moon in l go after you beat him at mt moon in Pokemon crystal?

I don't know what crystal is but Dragons Den then u will team with him and fight Claire and lance

Where is mt moon in Pokemon Crystal?

the west side of route 4

How do you get kabuto in Pokemon Crystal?


Do you defeat red a mt silver or mt moon?

he's at Mt. Silver. Mt. Moon is about the size of a shoe-box, and there really isn't anything hidden in there. you'll need flash to get through Mt. silver if you're on gold, silver or crystal, and you'll need rock climb if you're playing heart gold, or soul silver.

Where in mt moon can you find an onix?

You can't find it in Mt moon.

What is at the top of mt moon?

nothing. You cant get to the top of mt. moon

Mt moon in harvest moon island happiness?

there is no mt moon in hm ioh,btw

Where is red located in mt moon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Red is not in Mt. Moon; he is at the top of Mt. Silver.

What do you do after mt moon?

Mt. Moon is an optional place to go to, so there is no chronological event associated with Mt. Moon that would come before or after it.

What is at Mt moon square?

Mt. Moon square is a place near mt. moon. On Monday nights, clefairy will run away from there when they see you and they will leave a moon stone. Use it to get Nidoqueen.

Where is Mt Moon in heart gold?

mt. moon is between pewter city and cerulean city