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You must have a bike and go to oreburgh city. Then you go up to see someone riding a bike. There is a ramp, get on your bike then ride it, to the ramp then press B. You will go up it. When your up, turn left, keep going straight until u see a cave, go inside it. Now you should be in mount coronet or you can go through route 206, which is bicycle road.

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Q: How do you get to mount coronet on Pokemon diamond?
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Dragon claw Pokemon diamond besides mount coronet?

There is no other place to get it besides Mount. Coronet. Sorry

How do you find dialaga in Pokemon Diamond?

on top of mount coronet

How do you find the spear pillar in Pokemon Diamond?

Its at the top of mount coronet

Where is spear pillar on Pokemon diamond?

it is located at the top of mount coronet.

How do you get to snowpoint city on Pokemon diamond?

Walk through mount coronet

Pokemon ruby where is mtcoronet?

mount coronet is in the sinnoh region. that's Pokemon diamond pearl and platinum.

Where you can find hm 6 in Pokemon diamond?

You receive it from a hiker at the Mount Coronet entrance.

Is there a foggy lake on Pokemon diamond?

Yes. In Mount Coronet there is a foggy room with a lake.

How do you evolve magnamite in Pokemon diamond?

i think you have to ether level him up at mount coronet or make him level up while wearing a certain item at mount coronet

Where do you catch Dialga on Pokemon diamond?

in spear pillar.(spear pillar is at the top of mount coronet)

Where is the legendary in pokemon diamond?

If you mean Dialga, then it's at the top of Mount Coronet at Spear Pillar.

How do you get the Pokemon dratini on Pokemon Diamond?

To obtain Dratini in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl: D: Mount Coronet (2nd time) 4FL (1) (Super Rod) P: Mount Coronet (2nd time) 4FL (1) (Super Rod) -OR- GBA Duel Slot Mainly FireRed or LeafGreen