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Take the cable car on Route 112, and you'll exit at Mt Chimney. Walk down and you'll find the entrance to Jagged Pass. Move down through Jagged Pass until you reach the exit, and Lavaridge Town will be on your left.

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Q: How do you get to lavaridge town on Pokemon ruby?
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Where is flannery in pokemon ruby?

in lavaridge town

Were is flannery in Pokemon Ruby?

Lavaridge town

Which city is Flannery in Pokemon ruby?

Flannery is in lavaridge town in ruby

Where is gym 4 in Pokemon Ruby?

it is in lavaridge town

Where is the fire gym in Pokemon Ruby?

in lavaridge town

What city is the fire leader in in Pokemon ruby?

Lavaridge town

What does the egg that you get in lavaridge town hatch into in Pokemon ruby?


Where is the fourh gym in Pokemon Ruby?

Lavaridge town off routte 112.

What do you do in Pokemon ruby after the third gym?

you must go in lavaridge town there is nex gum.

What to do after getting the third badge in Pokemon ruby?

Head to lavaridge town for your next badge.

Where is flannery in ruby?

in lavaridge town..

Where can you catch Grimmer in Pokemon ruby?

You can catch grimer in the one fire cave that leads to lavaridge town.