How do you get to krokotopia?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you have to finish wizard city


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Q: How do you get to krokotopia?
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Can non members get into krokotopia in wizard 101?

Yes, if you have enough crowns you can get into Krokotopia by buying it, either way you must pay to get into Krokotopia.

How do you go thought to krokotopia in wizard 101?

You have to get the task from Headmaster Ambrose to get to Krokotopia.

In wizard101 how to unlock krokotopia?

To get to Krokotopia you need to obtain a key after defeating Lord Nightshade. After it is Obtained go to Merle Ambrose and he will give you permission to go to Krokotopia. And if your wondering where it is, it is inside Bartleby, in Ravenwood.

How do you get to krocotopia in wizard101?

To get to Krokotopia, you have to from the range of level 14-18. Headmaster Ambrose will call you to his office and send you to Krokotopia using the spiral door. There you complete many quests and can receive titles and when you complete all of Krokotopia, you get the title Hero of Krokotopia. Then you are called to Ambrose and are asked to visit Marleybone.

How do you find krokotopia in wizard 101?

you must get a quest ( i think ) do get to Krokotopia in wizard 101. You must go to Bartlbey in Ravenwood.

How do you get to marleybone in wizard 101?

you unlock marleybone after you finish wizard city and krockotopia. In specific, you will unlock it after defeating Krockopatra in krockotopia.

Where is the balence school in wizard101?

it is in krokotopia

How do you get into the oasis on wizard 101?

To get to the Oasis you must be able to go to Krokotopia. To get to Krokotopia you need to have done the quest that enables you to go (which you get from Ambrose) then while in Ravenwood go inside Bartelby's mouth then to the door in the middle of the room. After that click on the door then on the Krokotopia sign. That should take you to the world door in Krokotopia, after that run up the ramp through the normal door and you are now in the Oasis.

Where do you get a hydra in wizard101?

From the Balance teacher in Krokotopia.

Does krokotopia cost money on wizard101?

no but the membership does

Where is krokotopia in wizard101?

Well, Krokotopia is a world restricted to people under a certain level. It is also an area where you pay with crowns, or subscribe. It is in Bartleby in Ravenwood

What level do you have to be to go to krokotopia on wizard 101?

you don't have to be a certain level to go to Krokotopia. But i would recommend you to be at level 13, 14, 15, or 16. i was at level 15 when i started Krokotopia. TALON SPIRITFLAME DEATH LEVEL 60 LEGENDARY CURRENTLY IN ZAFARIA