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Ok, first you'll have to go all the way to the right to see the energy fans. Go up to the house and talk to the Team Galactic member. He'll lock himself in the building. Now you have to go back to Floroma Town an go directly to the far upper left corner of the town. Go into the meadow, and battle the Team Galactic members, then take the Windworks Key and go back to where the guy locked himself in. From there go into the building. Now be prepared because there will be battles. There will be one against a boss as well, and if you have Platinum version, prepare to face the new character, Charon.

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Q: How do you get to eterna city from floroma town when the team galactica is blocking you from heading that way?
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How do you get to eterna city from oreburgh on Pokemon platinum?

you cant because you need a bike you should go back to jubilife and then hed up to floroma beat mars and save that girl's dad and then go to eterna forest which is north from the route the grunts where blocking and that should lead youto eterna forest go with cheryl and get out of forest and you will end up in eterna

How do you get to eterna forest?

West of Eterna Forest, or North of Floroma. I know it's filled with bug and grass, you can evolve Eevee into a Leafeon, and you meet Cheryl.

Where is team galactics first base in Pokemon diamond?

It is in eterna city. Team galactic also takes over the valley windworks close to floroma town. It is in eterna city. Team galactic also takes over the valley windworks close to floroma town.

Where do you get an aipom?

Easy, Slather 6 containers of Honey on the left of Eterna tree or Floroma Gardens and wait 12 hours, then you will find an aipom, I tried it 50 times it WORKSputing honey on a treeHoney Trees

Where to find thief in Pokemon platinum?

Near the Galactic Eterna Building,there would be tree blocking the way,use cut

Where is burmy in dimaiond?

You have to get honey from the man in the fields in Floroma town Where you got the Windworks Key and slather the trees just outside of Eterna Forest with it usually a Burmy, Combee, Wurmple, or Cherubi will appear! I got an Aipom once.

How do you get into the Vielstone Galatic building?

go back to twinleaf and restart the route to eterna city. Twinleaf-orbourough-florama-eterna. talk to everyone you see. you will get the hm cut. teach it to a pokemon. beat the eterna gym leader. cut the trees down.

How do you get to team galactica's warehouse?

if you mean the one in eterna city, you have to have the hm for cut and beat gardenia. beating gardenia allows you to use cut outside of battle. then you use cut on any tree.

Where is the second badge in Pokemon x?

To find the second gym, you must go north out of Jubilife city, through the cave, and up to Floroma City. Head east and sort out Team Galactic at the power plant. After this, head north and go through Eterna Forest. Head east towards Eterna City. Here you should find the second gym :)

Where is fuego ironworks in Pokemon pearl?

the fuego ironworks is next to floroma town.its at route 205 ,where the bridge is to go to eterna city. take a left and use surf. just keep going the way it goes. no. make sure you have the move surf and you can use it. good luck :)

How do you get to Eterna City in Poke'mon pearl?

go to jublife city then floroma town if its your first time go to the wind works battle team galactic blah blah blah then go up a road bttle or avoid trainers heal your Pokemon in a house near by if they are weak then enter eterna forest go with that women there that has a chancey then get out if you have cut cut a littlew tree don't enter the forest THERE IS A SHORT CUT AROUND IT

How do you get to etherna city in Pokemon platinium?

Go from Oreburgh back to Jubilife. From Jubilife go north. You'll have to use Rock Smash. Get to Floroma Town, complete the plot there, and then go north from the bridge between Floroma and Valley Windworks. Go directly north through the route until you come to the forest. You'll meet a girl, Cheryl, and you two will tag-team through the forest, at which point you'll reach Eterna city. If this doesn't make sense right now, when you do it it WILL make sense.