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Unfortunately, there is no other way than flying, Surfing and boat to get to Dewford town.

Cheating and hacking does not count.

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Q: How do you get to dewford town without a boat or surf?
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How do you get to dewford town without mr brainey in Pokemon emerald?

By teaching a Pokemon "Surf".

Where is the second badge on Pokemon emerald?

on dewford island. go by boat

How do you get in to the island on route 105?

Beat the 5th gym leader and get HM03 surf and surf there from Dewford Town

How do you find rod in ruby?

First you have to travel to dewford town using surf, fly, or mr. Brany the guy with the sailboat. When you get to dewford town go to the fisherman that is walking around in town and he will give it to you.

Where is the abandoned ship in Pokemon emerald?

East from dewford town you need Surf to reach there.

Where to find regiice in Pokemon ruby?

you can find regiice near the dewford town,surf northwest.

Where is Dewford Town ruby?

dewford is located as a island you can reach that by saving peeko, and talking the the old man in his house so you can use the boat, and then he'll bring you to Dewford. -I hope this helped =]

Where are the ancient Pokemon in ruby?

Cave of orogin in sootopolis city and the sky pillar left of dewford town(surf).

Where is the next gym in emerald after Roxanne?

The second gym is in Dewford Town, accessible by boat after rescuing Peeko.

How do you get the old rod in Pokemon Emerald?

its in one of the houses in Dewford town get it from the fisherman in dewford town next to the gym.

What do you do after you beat the gym leader in DEWFORD town?

you go to the bout in dewford town to saleport city

Where is the waterfall in Dewford Town in Pokemon?

Waterfall isn't in Dewford Town, it's in Granite Cave.