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Dewford Town

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Q: Where is the second gym in Pokemon Emerald?
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How do you get to the second gym leader in Pokemon emerald?

The second gym leader is brawley of Dewford town. You will come to the PetalburgGym second, but that's the last gym leader you'll battle.

Second gym leader Pokemon Emerald?

he is in the top left corner and on the island where steven is

How do you get onyx in Pokemon emerald?

easy to get it all you have to do is find it in i think the second gym grounds.

Where do you find a Mewtwo in Pokemon emerald?

you can find it near the second gym badge and its in a cave.

Which is the sixth gym in Pokemon emerald?

The Fortree gym.

Where is the gym in pacifidlog in Pokemon emerald?

there is no gym at pacifidlog

How do you get all the gym badges on Pokemon emerald?

Defeat all of the Gym leaders on Emerald. ~KKMG1

Can you get TM aerial ace before you challenge the second fighting type gym in Pokemon Emerald?

No, you don't get it until you defeat Winona (the 6th gym).

Where is the Pokemon gym in slateport on emerald version?

there is no gym in slateport, the next gym would be in mauville with electric pokemon

Up to what level do Pokemon obey you for each badge in emerald?

every second gym leader will allow you to use higher level Pokemon

Where is the second badge in Pokemon?

The second gym badge is obtained from the second gym you visit. However, each gym is different per game. For example, the second gym is located in Eterna City in Platinum but in Emerald, the second gym is located in Dewford Town. So which game are you referring to?

Where is the seventh Gym in Pokemon Sapphire Ruby Emerald and what type of Pokemon are there?

In Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald the 7th Gym that's located in Mossdeep City has Psychic type Pokemon.