How do you get to be a star member on clubpenguin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In order to be a star member on Club Penguin, you have to buy a membership.

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Q: How do you get to be a star member on clubpenguin?
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On clubpenguin to get a member badge with 5 underneath and a star how many years do we need to be?

well, to get 3 ribbons and star i think you have to renew your member ship 4 times I THINK

How do you become a clubpenguin member for free?

You cannot become a clubpenguin member for free. There is no possible way.

Is clubpenguin free?

Of course Clubpenguin is free! Well let's say to a certain extent. Clubpenguin IS free if you aren't a member. If you are a member then you have to pay around 5 dollars a month to be a member. But hey, it's Totally worth it! But you can have lots of fun in clubpenguin being a non-member! But yes, Clubpenguin is free to a certain extent!

How can you get stuff a member can get when your not a member on clubpenguin?

No you can't.

Is fever on Club Penguin a member?


How do you get work hat in clubpenguin?

You have to be a member. To be a member you have to pay.

How to be a member for free in clubpenguin?

You can not get free member ship!

Why cant you buy member clothes on clubpenguin?

You aren't a member.

Where is the member party on clubpenguin?

in the nightclub

How do you buy a lifejacket on clubpenguin?

You will have to be a member

How do you look rare on clubpenguin?

be a member

How do you buyInstruments on clubpenguin without being a member?

You cant.... u have to be a member