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After you beat Gym Leader Whitney of Goldenrod City, go to the flower shop which is to the right of the gym. There will be a girl there. Talk to her and she will give you the Squirtbottle. Then go north to Route 35. At the end of Route 35 there will be a buiding, but do not go into it. Instead go into the grass that is to the right of the building. You will then battle a bug-catcher guy and there will be a tree next to him. Use cut on the tree and then go north until you see a staircase to the right. Go up the staircase and keep going until you see a girl standing near a strange tree. Talk to the girl and then use the Squirtbottle on the tree. You will then discover that the strange tree is actually a Sudo Woodo (a grass Pokemon). Battle the Pokemon and catch it if you want. Once it is out of the way, the girl will tell you where to go to reach Ecruteak City.

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Q: How do you get to Ecruteak City from Goldenrod City?
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Where is the goldenrod city dance hall?

There isn't one in Goldenrod, it is actually in Ecruteak City.

When do you meet bill in soul silver?

he is in ecruteak city. go to his house in goldenrod city (after you meet him in ecruteak) to get an eevee. :)

Where is sodowoodo exactly in SoulSilver?

between goldenrod city and ecruteak city on route 36

How do you move the Pokemon blocking the path to ecruteak city?

get the squirtbottle from the flower shop in goldenrod city

Where to find Eevee in heartgold?

You receive it from Bill in his house in Goldenrod City after talking to him in Ecruteak City

Where is bill in crystal?

In the Pokemon center in ecruteak city When you enter the ecruteak city Pokemon center bill will come down from upstairs then he will return to his house in goldenrod city

Where is burned tower on soul silver?

Ecruteak City which is north of Goldenrod City, Ecruteak also has the Kimono girls and Morty the ghost type gym leader

How do you get a growlithe on Pokemon Silver?

Growlithe can be found in the grassy areas between Goldenrod city and Ecruteak city.

Where is Ecruteak City in soul silver?

after you beat goldenrod's city gym leader you go up north

Where do you get evee in soul silver?

You get it from Bill in Goldenrod City. You have to do is talk to him in Ecruteak at the Pokecenter, then he'll go home and then you can get Eevee from him at his house in Goldenrod.

How do you get from goldenrod city to ecruteak city?

battle your way through trainers then you need the squirtbottle to wake up this pokemon that is blocking the way to ecruteak city. then you wake it up then it is a wild sudowoodo.

How do you get umbreon in heart gold?

Eevee has to be happy with you at NIGHT, (you can get an Eevee from Bill's house in Goldenrod city after you reach Ecruteak city)