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on wednesday, go to the top of the goldenrod department, and do the lottery. it's the 1st prize

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Q: How do you get timer balls in HeartGold?
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Where can you find Timer Balls in Pokemon heartgold?

Timer balls are only in Pearl and Diamond

Where are timer balls Pokemon HeartGold?

Timer balls are pokeballs but are more effective the longer the battle has been going.

Where do you buy Timer Balls in Pokemon HeartGold?

i think you have to go to the drawing corner in dept store

Where can you get timer balls in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can only win one from the Goldenrod Department Store Lottery.If you don't want to go though all of that if you have Pokemon diamond,pearl or platuim you can give it to a Pokemon and trade it to heartgold or soulsilverSome cities sell timer balls in the poke mart. The pokmn League place does though! :-)

What kind of poke balls is there on heartgold and SoulSilver?

In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the PokéBalls that you can get are: Poké Balls, Heal Balls, Great Balls, Net Balls, Dusk Balls, Friend Balls, Level Balls, Moon Balls, Heavy Balls, Lure Balls, Fast Balls, Luxury Balls, Ultra Balls, Love Balls, Nest Balls, Premier Balls, Quick Balls, Repeat Balls, Safari Balls, Timer Balls and Master Balls.

Where do you get timer balls in emreld version?

You can only buy timer balls in rustboro.

Where to get timer balls in Pokemon sappire?

Timer balls can be found in the Pokemart in Rustboro City

How do you get timer balls in Pokemon Leafgreen?

there are no timer balls in fire red or leaf green..veronica

Where can you get timer balls in firered?

i think you can get timer balls on two island after you Complete Celio's Network Machine

How do you get timer balls and dusk balls?

You can get them in snowpoint city

Where do you get the timer balls in Sapphire Pokemon?

Once you help the Devon corp you can purchase timer balls and repeat balls at the rustboro city pokemart.

What store has timer balls in platinum?

You can buy timer balls at Canalave city and at the Pokemon League.