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use the arrows on the floor of the warehouse to get to the northern area of the warehouse.

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Q: How do you get through the rocket warehouse in firered and leafgreen?
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How do you get through the team rocket warehouse in Pokemon Leafgreen?

Use the arrows to direct you to the northern area of the warehouse.

Where is team rocket's warehouse of Pokemon firered?

on five island

What next to the warehouse of rocket on FireRed?

In the game corner in celadon city.

What do you do after you got through dotted hole on six island on Pokemon LeafGreen?

If you are going after the Sapphire, then you go to Five Island and run through the Rocket Warehouse to get the Sapphire.

Where does team rocket go after island 5 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Team rocket will go to the dotted hole after five island in leafgreen, but I'm not sure about firered.

Where do you get the TM sludge bomb in Pokemon LeafGreen?

it's in Rocket Warehouse on Chrono Island.

Pokemon FireRed why doesnt the sapphire appear in the cave?

team rocket take it to their warehouse

What is the second password to the rocket warehouse on Pokemon FireRed?

The password is: "Yes, nah, CHANSEY."

Where do you find team rocket after you find them at there warehouse on Pokemon FireRed?

Nowhere they go away.

Where do you get TM sludge bomb in Pokemon firered?

inside the rocket warehouse on the fifth island.

Where is team rocket after you beat them in the ware house in firered?

once you beat them at the warehouse there gone forever!

Where to find a Porygon 2 in Pokemon?

give a porygon an up-grade to hold (found in team rocket warehouse) and trade it with a game that is leafgreen or firered but it has 2 have the national pokedex, or u can trade it 2 a more recent game