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There nowhere. After that all you have left to do is to catch mewtwo and that's it unless you want to do battle tower or something.

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Q: On Pokemon firered where is team rocket after you beat the rocket warehouse?
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Where do you get the upgrade in Pokemon FireRed?

Pokemon Tower. Why?You have to beat the Trainers Tower and the guy on the roof top will give you Upgrade.

How do you disband team rocket in Pokemon FireRed?

First, you have to beat them at the rocket game corner by the silph co.., then the poke tower, then at the huge department store, beat Giovanni at his gym, and beat them at the warehouse on the SEVII ISANDS.

Where is team rocket after you beat them in the ware house in firered?

once you beat them at the warehouse there gone forever!

How do I Help loreli at island 4 Pokemon firered?

beat the team rocket people there with him

How do you catch a pokeflut in Pokemon FireRed?

get the silph scope and go up the pokemon tower and beat team rocket

How can you get into the saffron city gym in Pokemon FireRed gba?

You have to beat team rocket in Silph Co

Where to find team rocket after you defeated them on six island in FireRed?

Team rocket was on five island not six island first of all second of all there gone forever after you beat them in the rocket warehouse.

How do you beat team rocket in the warehouse in goldenrod?

umm. you have good leveled pokemon. and you fight them till they die!

Where is the man who you can get a master ball in Pokemon FireRed?

giovanni, head of team rocket, after you beat him, you will get a master ball.

Where is the warehouse of team rocket in Pokemon FireRed?

its in celadon city . in the game corner talk to the guy who is covering the poster and he will battle you.then beat him and click on the poster and then stairs to the basement will open. go down . Good Luck

Where do you get the last Password for team rokets warehouse in Pokemon leaf green?

u have to beat a team rocket dude

How do you beat the team rocket warehouse in Pokemon soul silver?

You defeat all of executives first then catch/kill the Pokemon shaped things.