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I have diamond but I think it's the same. You have to go to team galactic's building in Veilstone and talk to a man standing outside [I think] then you go to a house next to the building [it says it is the Galactic Warehouse] you go inside,open the door,go downstairs, fight galactic grunts and after a LOT of grunts [you have to go downstairs and upstairs a lot of times] you are in a room where a dude gives you a masterball. After that you go into a room and rescue azelf,uxie and mespit. You do that and the door is opened.

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Q: How do you get through the cave painting the 2nd time in mt coronet pearl version?
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How do you get passed the ancient painting in mount coronet Pokemon pearl?


Where do you get Palkia on pearl version?

Spear Pillar, which is at the very top of Mt. Coronet.

How do you catch a loudred in Pokemon platinum?

In Pokémon: Diamond Version, Pokémon: Pearl Version, and Pokémon: Platinum Version, Loudred can only be found at the top of Mt. Coronet, and only through the use of the Pokéradar. As such, it cannot be obtained until after the National Dex is obtained.

Where is the legent Pokemon in pearl version?

In pearl the first legendery Pokemon is PALKIA, and it is in the SPEAR PILLAR. You get there from MT. CORONET from oreburgh city entrace.

How do you get past ancient painting door in Pokemon pearl?

If you are talking about the one to get up Mt. Coronet you have to free the three legendaries

Where can you find spear pillar in mountain coronet for Pokemon pearl version?

get the Pokemon platinum guide book

Can you go straight through mt coronet in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?


How do you get through mt coronet to get to spear pillar?

if its pearl go through mt cornet ,au revoir

Where to see Dragonite in pearl version?

mount coronet 4th floor near the waterfall use super rod

How do i get to the other side on poke'mon pearl route 207?

go through mount coronet

Where do you find the lengedary Pokemon pearl in pearl version?

okay if you want to get palkia you have to go to mt. coronet after rescuing azelf ,mespirit, and uxie in the galactic hideout.

In Pokemon pearl how do you find snowpoint city?

you have to go through mt coronet from celestic town.